ADVANCE Whitewater RAFT 425 is designed and manufactured with the highest international standards, tested and recommended by the members of the Serbian rafting team. This boat has proven very good, solid, safe and reliable when passing through whirlpool. It is designed as a competitive boat, with the standards provided by the World Rafting Association, but it can also be used for recreational and tourist rafting. It is intended for rafting clubs and competitive teams, the organizers of recreational rafting and drifting. It is being used by special and rescue units in case of emergencies. It is made of the highest quality material, ORCA Hypalon-Neoprene.
Standard equipment:

  • two cross seats
  • non-sliding surface
  • foot strap
  • rope
  • pump
  • carrying bag
Additional equipment:

  • padles
  • life jackets
  • double bottom
  • protective lacquer coating
  • dry bags
  • retrieval rope
Lenght of hull: 425 cm
Inner lenght: 326 cm
Beam of hull: 214 cm
Inner widht: 110 cm
Tube diameter: 52 cm
Number of chambers: 5+2
Overall mass: 56 kg
Maximum load: 1000 kg
Maximum number of persons: 8+1
Hull material: Hypalon-Neoprene
Tube material: Hypalon-Neoprene
Number of valves: 7
Number of safety valves: 1
Design category: D
Certificate: CE

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