ADVANCE Ocean Blue RIB 650 is a true sports model RIB boat with exceptional maneuverability, which is characterized by high speed, stability and large turns, great sailing characteristics and excellent stability. The hull has been designed so that at higher speeds the tubes are not touching the water, thus significantly reducing friction and water resistance. In this way, it achieves higher speed and allows higher turning angle. It is intended for people who want to experience the pleasure of speed, to cross a larger distance and examine the extremes of RIB boats. This model offers comfortable space, that can be used for casual sunbathing, serving at the table at the front, additional space for rear seats, a shower on the boat, and others. It can be ordered as either a leasure deck, which provides possibilities for enjoyment and relaxation for a large number of people, or a flat deck, which is designed for special applications, like military, police and rescue teams, or for other purposes, like transport of the goods.
Standard equipment:

  • console
  • steering wheel
  • teleflex
  • inox cleats
  • switch panel
  • upholstery
  • table
  • horn
  • ladder
  • light indicators
  • bilge pump
  • inflatable pump
Additional equipment:

  • roll-bar
  • tent
  • tarpaulin
  • bow walkway
  • shower
  • water tank
  • fridge
  • music
  • rear seat
  • sonar
  • navigation
Length overall: 645 cm
Inner length: 570 cm
Width overall: 260 cm
Inner width: 160 cm
Tube diameter: 50 cm
Number of chambers: 6
Empty boat mass: 400 kg
Maximum load: 1540 kg
Maximum number of persons: 16
Hull material: Fiberglass
Tube material: Hypalon-Neoprene
Maximum engine power: 250 hp
Recommended engine power: 150 hp
Maximum speed: 55 knots
Optimum (cruising) speed: 30 knots
Design category: C
Certificate: CE
Standards: 650_XXL_osovina

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