Inspired by our long heritage in designing and building RIB boats, we are pleased to make public our brand new leisure RIB boat from Advance range of products.

The ADVANCE RIB 600 was created as a crown of phenomenally successful partnership of Italian designer Mr Chessa and our company , and it represents a boat that, with its ergonomics and specific design, enters the world of fans of sporty driving and top enjoyment.

Integrated rear bench to get more seats, deeper trough in the front for better airworthiness, built-in fiberglass sidewalk with anchor storage chamber, anchorage area, a fiberglass roll bar as well as designed (curved) tubes make this vessel unique on our market and a truely leisure boat, in the real sense of this word.

Standard equipment:

  • steering wheel
  • teleflex
  • upholster
  • light indicator
  • switch panel
  • horn
  • inflatable pump
  • paddle
  • fiberglass roll-bar
  • bilge pump
Additional equipment:

  • inox tent
  • tarpaulin
  • flexi teek
  • music fusion nautic
  • ladders
  • shower with woter tank
  • electrical vinch with anchore
  • inox anchore
  • refrigerator
  • towing trail for skiers
  • led reflector
Length outer: 606 cm
Lenght inner: 447 cm
Widht – outer: 251 cm
Widht – inner: 156 cm
Tube diameter: 55 cm
No. of chambers: 6
Mass: 620 kg
Maximum load: 1200 kg
Crew: 10
Hull material: Fiberglass
Tube material: Hypalon-Neoprene (CSM)
Maximum engine power (1 engine): 150 hp

PRICE: On inquiry

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