The brand new model of the ADVANCE RIB 380 boat represents a step forward in terms of functionality, design and performance.
Designed to be light, quick and agile, it offers the ultimate driving pleasure with easy maneuvering and fast shifting from ship or a yacht to the shore.

The high-quality finishing and luxurious look makes this boat ideal for enjoyment while achieving maximum performance can be done with less power engines.
Small dimensions allow easy transport and dropping into the water, making it ideal for exploring hidden beaches and enjoying a family trip.

It is intended for the transport of four adults, with storage space hidden in the front section and under the console where all the necessary equipment can be postponed.

Standard equipment:

  • steering console
  • teleflex
  • upholster
  • inox clets
  • light indicator
  • switch panel
  • horn
  • pump
  • paddle
Additional equipment:

  • inox tent
  • ladders
  • tarpaulin
  • flexi teek
  • music
Length outer: 380 cm
Lenght inner: 285 cm
Widht – outer: 185 cm
Widht – inner: 125 cm
Tube diameter: 540 cm
No. of chambers: 4
Mass: 240 kg
Maximum load: 900 kg
Crew: 5
Hull material: Fiberglass
Tube material: Hypalon-Neoprene (CSM) Military
Maximum engine power (1 engine): 60 hp
Maximum speed: 40 knots
Optimal cruise speed: 25 knots
Design category: C
Certificate: CE
Standards: L Osovina camca

PRICE: On inquiry

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