Purpose of this high tech vessel is absolute naval superiority and multi functionality trough most difficult and demanding missions.

It represents perfect tactical platform for various weapon and logistics systems. It is powerful and compact missile, fast attack, combat, command, patrol, extreme speed intercept craft. Usage can be found also in landing and force delivery missions.

Stealth, high speed, maneuverability, bulletproof and self righting are basic characteristics of this M-RIB vessel. Cabin space can hold sophisticated equipment for driving, navigation, night vision, communication and surveillance, as well as serving as shelter for personnel in bad
weather conditions and enemy fire. Ullman Atlantic seats are designed to be used in limited spaces and to give shock mitigation for extreme high
speeds maneuvers and level 5 sea state.

M-RIB 17 is modern, fast, low RCS (radar cross section) and heavily armed green and brown water vessel designed to perform patrol, combat and command craft missions. Missile boat, FAC (fast attack craft) and assault or landing craft are also provided possibilities.

Length overall: 17,5m/57ft
Inner length: 16 m
Width overall: 490 cm
Inner width: 420 cm
Tube diameter: 80 cm
Number of chambers: 9
Overall mass: 25 000 kg
Maximum load: 5000 kg
Crew: 4 (up to 10)
Hull material: aluminium(5083/5086)
Tube material: Hypalon-Neoprene (CSM)
Military (foam filled)
Max engine power (1 motor): /
Max engine power (2 motors): 2 x 1600 HP
Maximum speed: 55+ knots
Cruising speed: 35 knots
Design category: B
Standards: JET / Z-DRIVE