The life raft is used for rescuing people from the water. It is extremely functional, because it provides immediate evacuation. Raft is activated with a bottle under pressure from special-purpose polyester packaging and in a few seconds is ready for use. It is able to shelter 6 to 20 people, depending on its size.

Liferaft is designed for use in different situations, with or without a roof, with or without stabilizers, with different equipment, depending on whether the raft is used in open waters, the coast or in the river. Raft is equipped with a special SOLAS reflective tape for faster identification on the water.

It is made from the highest quality ORCA material, which is designed for extreme conditions of use. The material has resistant to friction, which can occur from rapid inflation and falling from great heights. The materials are resistant to all weather conditions and mechanical damages, making them highly reliable in use.

Length overall: 350 cm
Inner length: 220 cm
Width overall: 280 cm
Inner width: 220 cm
Tube diameter: 30 cm
Number of chambers: 2+1
Overall mass: 90 kg
Maximum load: 900 kg
Maximum number of persons: 10
Hull material: Hypalon-Neoprene
Tube material: polyurethane
Bottom material: Hypalon-Neoprene
Refective stripes material: solas
Number of valves: 3
Number od safety valves: 1
Dimensions of container: 150 x 72 x 80 cm
Container material: poliester
PRICE:  on demand