Advance DC Series belongs to a group of landing crafts. The main purpose of these vessels is transportation of assaults, but is also used as rescue vessels, as a support for scaffolds and bridges, and others. Landing crafts are part of the military, police and rescue units.

Built on the principle of 9 chambers, it has double protected Hypalon-Neoprene bottom material, double fenders, ropes with additional breakwaters, reinforced transom board, the aluminum floor construction and an additional stiffening of the aluminum floor for gliding. Its constructive raised bow allows easier cutting of the waves when planing.

It is made of Hypalon-Neoprene material, custom-designed for demanding military requirements. It is the latest generation material, which is heat resistant and do not absorb the sun’s rays. On the other hand, the material is resistant to all kinds of acids, algae, fungi, organic fuels and oils. It has additional resistance to mechanical damage, abrasion, UV radiation and extreme temperature differences.

Length overall: 540 cm
Inner length: 400 cm
Width overall: 220 cm
Inner width: 110 cm
Tube diameter: 55 cm
Number of chambers: 5
Overall mass: 150 kg
Maximum load: 1500 kg
Maximum number of persons: 12
Hull material: Aluminium
Tube material: Hypalon-Neoprene (CSM) Military
Maximum engine power: 70 HP
Recommended engine power: 50 HP
Maximum speed: 30 knots
Optimum (cruising) speed: 20 knots
Design category: C
Standards: S Shaft