Advance M-RIB 8.5 is a very fast patrol boat, created to meet, high demands of special units. It is designed specifically for military operations and for transport of manpower and equipment. The vessel can serve as a scouting boat, using the device for satellite and night surveillance. With the test speed of 60 knots, the boat can be used for prompt reaction in combat situations, as it supports fitting of various lower caliber weapons.

The showcased model was equipped with a radar, navigation equipment with 3D underwater imaging, digital device for removing algae from the hull, professional Ullman Dynamics seats designed for shock absorption and reduction of G-force, as well as twin engines of the Verado series that deliver a maximum of 700 horsepower.

Tubes on the model M-RIB 8.5 are produced with 7 separate air chambers, made of the thickest rubber Hypalon-Neoprene material intended for military purposes, which is characterized by high durability, elasticity and ability to withstand wear and tear. A special feature of the tubes on this model is reflected in the fact that they are attached to the hull with screws, which enables swift and easy mounting and replacement when needed due to mechanical damage during combat or rescue operations. In addition to air, tubes can be filled with polyethylene foam, thus achieving additional strength.

The boat’s aluminium hull is characterized by high strength and durability, as it has hardness of steel, lightweight construction, with the expected service life that is measured in decades. Very deep “V” hull enables sharp maneuvers, necessary for rough water conditions. The hull consists of 3 separate chambers: bow, hull and mechanical. This system allows additional security, as each chamber is separately drained. Apart from aluminium, the hull can be made of carbon fiber or fiberglass.

The boat can also be equipped with devices for night imaging and thermal imaging camera with a 360-degree view.

Length overall: 850 cm
Inner length: 665 cm
Width overall: 289 cm
Inner width: 179 cm
Tube diameter: 55 cm
Number of chambers: 8
Overall mass: 2600 kg
Maximum load: 2000 kg
Maximum number of persons: 16
Hull material: Aluminium
Tube material: Hypalon-Neoprene (CSM) Military
Max engine power (1 motor): 400 HP
Max engine power (2 motors): 2 x 400 HP
Maximum speed: 60 knots
Optimum (cruising) speed: 40 knots
Design category: C
Standards: XXL Shaft