M-RIB series is manufactured specially for demands of military operations and transportation of personnel and equipment. It can be used also as scouting boat if equipped with gear for satellite and night surveillance. It is also designed for fast reaction in battle situations if equipped with submachine guns of lower caliber.

M-RIB series of cabin boats is specially designed for military needs with usage of high quality and high endurance materials as Hypalon-Neoprene material, which is resistant to UV radiation, algae, fungus, organic materials as to great temperature differences.

Hull and deck of RIB boat is manufactured from high quality polyester and carbon materials, which together make composite highly resistant to pressure to which boats are exposed.

Boats can be equipped with necessary engine diagnostic equipment, navigation and communication devices, as well as with devices for night vision and cruising.

M-RIB series is intended for quick and smaller scale operations. Featuring high speed, it is ideal for quick response and patrolling along sea and river coastline. It is equipped with specially designed jockey seats which amortize impact during wave jumps made in high velocity drive.

It is can be equipped with navigation system, night drive system and engine diagnostic system. It is characterized by great work autonomy and unsinkable deck, important in military operations.

Length overall: 750 cm
Inner length: 648 cm
Width overall: 280 cm
Inner width: 176 cm
Tube diameter: 52 cm
Number of chambers: 6
Overall mass: 1.550 kg
Maximum load: 1.850 kg
Maximum number of persons: 14
Hull material: Aluminium
Tube material: Hypalon-Neoprene (CSM) Military
Max engine power (1 motor): 300 HP
Max engine power (2 motors): 2 x 300 HP
Maximum speed: 50 knots
Optimum (cruising) speed: 35 knots
Design category: C
Standards: Z DRIVE