Advance A 400 is a model created in the Design center of the company with the idea of   making a tender for yacht owners, ideal by its size and functionality, as well as the first choice for families and users who like sports and entertainment.

The A 400 has been designed to be fast and agile, providing users with driving pleasure, with a special emphasis on fun and ease of handling. Although smaller in size, the deck is designed to maximize surface utilization in order to raise the usability of the boat to the highest level. In addition to the usual compartments, storage space is hidden in unexpected places, such as the central seat that separates the bow from the aft part, while the designated anchor compartment is located below the front step.

It can carry five adult persons, with a lot of additional equipment, making this model the right option for a trip of a group of friends to hidden bays that cannot easily be reached by larger vessels. Outboard engine up to 70 horsepower can be used for propulsion, which guarantees high speed, as well as the possibility of sports activities such as water skiing. Advance offers to their customers customization of the boat with specific requirements, so the A 400 can be ordered in op-tions characteristic for larger models: teak-covered, with built-in waterproof stereo system, or with ambient LED lighting.

Standard equipment:

  • steering wheel
  • teleflex
  • upholster
  • light indicator
  • switch panel
  • horn
  • inflatable pump
  • paddle
  • fiberglass roll-bar
  • bilge pump
Additional equipment:

  • inox tent
  • tarpaulin
  • flexi teek
  • music fusion nautic
  • ladders
  • shower with woter tank
  • electrical vinch with anchore
  • inox anchore
  • refrigerator
  • towing trail for skiers
  • led reflector
Length outer: 395 cm
Lenght inner: 320 cm
Widht – outer: 195 cm
Widht – inner: 43 cm
Hull material: Fiberglass
Osnovni materijal izrade tubusa: Hypalon-Neoprene
Maksimalna snaga motora (1 engine): 70 hp
Maksimalna brzina: 42 konts

PRICE: On inquiry

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